Photograph Exhibition on “ASEAN People and Countries”

On the occasion of the 50th year anniversary of the founding of ASEAN (1967-2017), the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Viet Nam organizes a photograph exhibition titled “ASEAN people and countries”.

The exhibition displays and introduce the culture, society, people and economic achievements of ASEAN countries in order to improve the understanding and relations among the countries, contributing to the building of an unified, active, developed, peaceful and prosperous ASEAN community.

The exhibition is tentatively held in August 2017 in Ha Noi capital, Viet Nam.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Viet Nam cordially invites and kindly requests the presence of the Ministries/ National Committees responsible for culture and the arts of ASEAN Member States, Embassies of ASEAN Member States in the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam, Associations of Photographic Artists of ASEAN Member States, professional and amateur photographer of ASEAN countries to submit photographs to the “ASEAN People and Countries” exhibition.

1. Contents of photographs

Photographs must show the landscapes, culture, society, people, economic achievements, collaborations, exchanges… among ASEAN countries.

2. Eligible applicants

  • All citizens, professional and amateur photographic artists of the 10 ASEAN countries are eligible to submit photographs to the exhibition;
  • There is no limitation on the age of the appplicants.

3. Mode of photograph submission

3.1. Photograph requirements

  • For the applicants from: Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand: No limitation on numbers of photographs submitted to the exhibition. However, the photographs may only contain the images of their own country;
  • For the applicants from Viet Nam: Every applicant is entitled to submit no more than 05 single photographs about Viet Nam and 05 single photographs about the other 9 ASEAN countries (if any);
  • The works must be realistic photographs. Photographs that are edited or altered are not accepted;
  • The photographs shall be sent in digital format (photographs taken with digital cameras or film negatives converted into digitalare accepted), file format: JPG; minimum file size: 6MB; maximum file size: 12MB; maximum image length: 4500px.

3.2. Recipient address

– All photographs shall be submitted on the website:

3.3. Period of submisson

– From April 1st until the end of June 10th 2017.

3.4. Prize

– 10 equal ranked cups named “ASEAN photograph”, with a monetary award of 20.000.000 VND for each cup;

– Besides, the Organizer will provide roundtrip flight tickets to Ha Noi, meals, accommodation and transportation during 03 days in Ha Noi, Viet Nam for the winners of “ASEAN photograph” cups to attend the exhibition and receive the prize.

4. Rights and responsibilities of the photographers

  •  Vietnamese photographers will get the remuneration in accordance to current law and regulations;
  • Each artist with a photograph selected to be displayed at the exhibition will be given a photo book of the exhibition;
  • Income tax shall be deducted from the prize money and remuneration in accordance to Vietnamese regulations;
  • Authors who submit their works to the exhibition shall comply with all regulations of the organizing board;
  • The photographers shall be legally liable for copyright related issues of their own photographs.
  •  For further information, please access the websites:

– Website:

– Website:

* Contact:

– Photograph Department: +84 4 37347457

email: or

– The Magazine of Arts and Photograph: +84 4 37342261


The Organizing Board would be glad and grateful to receive an active participation from citizens and photographers of ASEAN countries for a successful “ASEAN people and countries” photo exhibition./.


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